1.What was the average appreciation rate of Lake Oswego home sales between 2019 and 2020?

2. How much should you anticipate that home maintenance on a house you own will cost each year?

3. How is property tax calculated in Oregon?

4. How much are closing costs (things like lender application fees, title insurance, recording fees) a buyer has to pay when purchasing a home?

5. What is the Debt-to-Income ratio that most mortgage lenders look for in determining whether a buyer qualifies for a loan?

6.What's the general rule of thumb in terms of what percentage of your gross income should go towards your housing costs - principal, interest, taxes and insurance?

7. Are mortgage discount points a good thing?

8. How many estimated homes in Lake Oswego have deeded access to join one of the easements for boating and recreational use of the lake??

9. How much can easement rights add to the value of a home in Lake Oswego?

10. Which city in the Portland metro area has the highest annual costs of home ownership (property taxes, city services and private utilities) ?